These crystals can be used as a sensor which registers the amount of deposition of a thin film as changes in the weight of the film.

1. We bring out the stable frequencies of crystal oscillators, allowing changes in film weight to be accurately detected.
2. As they are AT-cut crystal oscillators, they are extremely stable against temperature.
3. We create specifications according to your needs (custom specifications).
4. We provide low cost, high reliability, and stability.

 ★Please consult with us as well regarding solution for stress problem, increased rate stability, long product life etc.

Frequency 5MHz 6MHz
parts No. 5M1240-01 6M1400-01
crystal cut orientation ATcut ATcut
outer dimensions φ12.4 φ14.0

Superior stability and long-lived establishment
Quantity (thickness) of electrode material
Electrode configuration of monitor crystals
Comparison of equivalent resistance values of monitor crystals after use