Name Shalom Denshi Co., Ltd.
Office Iwabuchi 425-1
Hanno-shi, Saitama
Japan, 357-0048
TEL +81.42-973-7700 (front desk)
FAX +81.42-974-4448
Founded 1966
Representatives Chairman / Shigeru Hashimoto
President / Iehiro Enomoto
Director / Kenji Tajima
Correspondent Financial Institution Musashino Bank - Hanno Branch
Saitama Risona Bank - Hanno Branch
Mizuho Bank - Hanno Branch

Company History

1966    Founded as Hashimoto Manufacturing Ltd.
1978    Merges with Yale Electronics Corp.
1980    Reorganized to become Shalom Electronics Corp. (capital \4 million).
             Capital increaseto capital \8 million in the same year.
1983    Construction begins on Iwabuchi factory
1984    Iwabuchi factory completed
1993    Iwabuchi factory expanded as focus of production base
1994    Capital increases to \12 million
2000    Manufacturing and sales of monitor crystals begin
2003    Manufacturing and sales of filaments and optical quartz substrates begin
2004    Sales of water-cooled copper hearths and monitor glass begin
2005    Overseas sales and sales of heater bolts begin
2006    Sales of vacuum deposition device parts equipment begin
2011    45 years since founding

Lines of business
  1. Manufacturing and sales of optical crystals / monitor crystals / crystal sensors
  2. Processing and sales of optical sapphires / processing and sales of various crystal products
  3. Manufacturing and sales of deposition crucible / EB filaments
  4. Manufacturing and sales of crystal-related products / manufacturing and sales of optical products and parts
  5. Sales of vacuum equipment and parts
  6. Sales of various optical glass materials
  7. Polishing and cutting (crystals / glass / new materials)